The Girl Impact

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The stats and stories about the lives of many adolescent girls in Africa, and around the world, is heart-wrenching: 50% of girls do not complete primary school across Africa; more than 33% of girls in South Africa have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18; and many adolescent girls become mothers while they are almost still a child themselves.  It has been shown in other countries that women are a vital part of the solution to ensure improvements and growth. African women and girls offer so much untapped potential to drive the development of Africa.

The Happy Africa Foundation, together with African Impact volunteers want to make life better for girls and young women in the communities we work with.  Better opportunities for education, safety, building self-confidence, and having better knowledge on how to prevent early pregnancy.  These, along with other areas of focus, can create empowered young women and lead to families and communities moving out of poverty.

There are some great organizations around the world improving the lives of girls and it’s becoming a big focus for our generation. The Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact are shaping a new initiative focusing on how volunteers and funded projects can create better opportunities for girls as they become young women.  The focus is not just on girls as it’s important that the boys and men in the communities see how women are an essential part of progress in Africa.

In the months to come, we will be talking more about The Girl Impact and letting people know how they can help us give some girls a better future.  Through activities like education workshops, maternal health discussions, sport sessions, self-defense lessons and support groups, volunteers and donations will play an important part of this.  It’s in early days but we are already started a program with the Network Against Female Genital Mutilation in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and working on puberty workshops in Livingstone and Cape Town with many more valuable partnerships and activities to come.

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