Meet Khanyisile

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Khanyisile is 37 years old and suffers from Motor-Neurone Disease and hyper-tension. Her disease is far advanced and she is now wheelchair bound and relies on her youngest son to care for her. She is unable to eat, drink or move without assistance. Her son does what he can but he doesn’t live at home and is not always around.
She survives on a grant of only ZAR1300 per month (c.GBP76)

The Happy Africa Foundation support Khanyisile but providing Home Based Care and Nutrition to her through our St Lucia Medical & Home Based Care ProjectWe also help her attend the new Homeopathy Clinic where she receives a remedy which helps her appetite, sleep better and relaxes her muscles.

The challenge she faces is that she lives alone in her own home but local residents have been using her property was a ‘walk-through’ as she has no perimeter fence.
This makes her feel very vulnerable especially in the evenings.

Our aim is to provide her with a simple wooden pole and wire fence around her property to prevent people using her land as a thru-way. This would allow her to rest peacefully in the evening and make her feel safe.

To help us achieve this goal please get involved via our Global Giving Page here