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Community Sports Development, Cape Town

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In collaboration with our partners Sporting Chance, our Community Sports Development program aims to bring 250 together boys and girls under the age of 11 from three disadvantaged communities to participate in street cricket and soccer tournaments.
Both The African Impact Foundation and Sporting Chance believe that sport plays a vital role in children’s lives, in terms of physical and social development. In addition, in disadvantaged communities, extra-curricular sport provides a positive and healthy outlet for young people’s energy, whilst developing their social skills and discipline. The low standard of living means that many children in Cape Town’s township areas do not have access to sport and may often be exposed to negative influences, such as drugs, alcohol, gangs and abuse.

In 2017, this project will be extending further; The African Impact Foundation will further develop their relationship with Sporting Chance and will termly sports competitions between two schools in Langa and Khayelitsha, in addition to running two simultaneous street cricket tournaments, one in each community.

For the past three years, The African Impact Foundation have provided sponsorship for Sporting Chance’s Street Cricket Program, giving children an accessible extra curricular to engage in and to participate in sport in a safe after school environment. In addition, one interschool competition occurs per school term, to allow boys and girls of different grades to compete in the sport they have been learning at school.


Short Term: Too often in these communities, children are left unsupervised after school, before their parents or carers come home. The added value of positive role models and mentors found in the coaches, older children and community member facilitators reinforces the positive influence sport can have in a child’s life.

Long Term: Introducing sports to children from an early age will help to develop long term healthy habits and enhance their social skills and abilities. Sport helps to educate children about teamwork, discipline and time management, all valuable for success in education and other aspects of life. Furthermore, sport positively influences the children in growing up to become competent and confident citizens.

Khayelitsha is a partially informal township in Western Cape, South Africa. Located in the Cape Flats area in the City of Cape Town, Khayelitsha means ‘New Home’ in Xhosa. It is noted to be the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa. Today Khayelitsha has an estimated official population of over 500,000 people but the unofficial number counts just under two million people including informal settlement areas as well. Khayelitsha has a very young population with over 40% of residents being under the age of 19. As with other settlement communities, residents in Khayelitsha have limited access to basic utilities such as water, sewage, electricity and health care.

As the project expands in 2017, we hope we will be able to reach even more young people across the Western Cape region.

Online donations to the community sports development project will greatly assist us in running street cricket and street soccer programs in multiple communities, as well as funding termly inter-school sports competition in Langa and Khayelitsha.